Monday, March 10, 2008

MealTime Story


Yesterday I told my daughter a story , during her evening meal. She will become 3 on this month of May. I thought to share it with you so that it may help some other parents also, to make their kids sit some where and have their meals.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who liked to walk through the forest. One day while she was taking her usual walk, with her friends, she felt very thirst. She, searching for water,went into the deep forest . Alas, she lost her way and her friends too. Suddenly a bad uncle saw her.She caught her and put her in a cage , singing aloud that:- "I got some thing for curry ha ha ha........I got something for curry mmmm....mmmmm.....mmmm....I will sleep and then make curry la la la..."

He went inside his house and started sleeping.The princess started crying in the cage. "Some body help me please...."Besides the bad uncle's house, there lived 5 love birds.They heard the cry and flew to the princess.They saw the crying princess and asked her why she was crying.She told that the bad uncle will make curry out of her and started crying again. Birds felt very sad.They together tried very hard and opened the cage . Birds asked her :-" Come with us. "She ran fast with the birds. Birds made her sit in their nest .

After some time, the bad uncle wake up from his sleep and looked for the princess.Oh!! Princess not in the cage. He got very angry and started shouting . Suddenly he got the smell of the princess from the bird's nest and ran towards their house. Birds recognized the situation and they together started to attack him with their small beak.They somehow managed to prick his eyes .He started crying loudly and yelled for water "WATER... WATER.. Give me some water... "He started running here and there. Meanwhile, birds asked princess :-"Run, Run , Run fast... before he come back".Birds started to fly fast and princess started to run fast.

After running for sometime ,poor princess fell down out of hunger and thirst. Birds felt very sad. One of the birds, sat beside the princess and others went to fetch for food. They took 2 big leaves and collected honey in one and bananas, oranges, strawberries etc. in the other. They came back fast and together they had these delicious items. Princess was very happy to get these birds as friends because they saved her life and also very loving and kind towards her.After their meal, they took rest for few minutes. Now, they felt that they are safe from bad uncle.They asked princess where was her house.She told that :-"I am the princess of the country named Babysl". Now birds started thinking. How to reach there? They had heard the name Babysl for the first time. One of the birds told :- "You all sit here. I will search and come.I have a friend Parrot who knows about the neighbouring countries. I will ask him and come". He started flying and reached Parrot.Parrot told :- "Come with me . I will show you". They together flew and Parrot stopped flying when she reached near a river. She told that :- "Go across the river and the country is Babysl".Love bird told Thank You to Parrot and flew back to his friends.

Every one was eagerly waiting for him. When he came back , he asked:- "Give me some honey, I am so tired".After taking some rest, he told :-" I have seen Babysl. Come , we can go". All the 5 birds and the princess again started their journey through the forest. Alas! she fell down because a throne pricked her leg . One of the birds, took it out and put some medicinal leaves .He pulled out one of his feathers and covered her wound with it so that dirt will not enter the wound.She embraced the bird and told:-"Very kind of you.Thank you very much .I love you very much".
They reached beside the river. Now next problem. How to cross the river? It was a big river. Princess didn't know to swim.Birds also could not fly that much distance because they had small wings. They started thinking. Hearing the sound of birds ,a tortoise came out of the water and asked :-" What is the problem here?" Birds told:- "She is the princess of that country, we should make her reach there".

Tortoise saw the princess. He told :-" I will come now". He came back with his 2 friends. Big tortoise carried the princess and the others carried the birds and they reached the country Babysl. Each and every one at Babysl was so sad because their princess was missing . When they reached Babysl, it was a crow who saw them first.He was very happy. He flew fast and told his friend ,a cow , that our princess is back. Cow soon reached the horse , which was the King's horse, and told our princess is back. Horse started laughing and jumping. Soon the horse keeper came and scolded him. :- "Why are you laughing .Don't you know that our princess is missing?" Horse replied :- "Our princess is back... Our princess is back..."

King who was at terrace , looking for his daughter, heard this and came down fastly. He asked horse:- "Where is my dear daughter?" Horse told:- "I dont' know. Cow told me". King orderd:- "Call cow now"! Cow came. He told:- "I dont' know. Crow told me". King orderd:-" Call crow fast!" Crow came. He told singing:-"Princess is back la la la Princess is back with birds la la la mm... mm.. mmm... " He told King:- "Come with me. I will show you. la la la ". King and Queen went with him. They saw their daughter . They ran fast towards her and embraced her and started crying and told:-"Oh!! daughter were where you till these days?What happened to you?" she told:- "Oh! Appa, Amma, don't cry. I am safe. See my friends.They saved my life. They gave me nice food. They covered my wound". King and Queen was very happy to hear this. They welcomed birds to their palace.

King declared:- "From now onwards, I have 6 children. 1 daughter and 5 birds". Every one at Babysl was very happy to hear this. They cracked crackers and put decorations to celebrate this moment.King , Queen, Princess and birds lived together very happily.